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Come join a few hours of fun!!! Learn how essential oils can benefit your overall health and wellness NATURALLY! We live in a society riddened with toxic chemicals and processed foods that are slowly killing us. I mean, it’s no wonder why CANCER rates are up. However only 5-10% of all Cancer is genetic… SO THAT MEANS 95% of Cancers cases are environmental… IT IS THE JUNK WE ARE BRINGING INTO OUR HOMES, USING ON OUR SKIN; it is controllable.

Young Living essential oils have changed my life DRASTICALLY and I want to be able to change and share my love with as many people as I can. So I ask you for a few hours of your time to just come and listen, enjoy, eat, drink and have fun!


Sat Nov 1 7

Fall Make & Take

Come join me along with some other members of our oily family to sit back, relax and make some fun essential oil infused fall goodies.
Cinnamon Sugar Body Scrub
Throat Spray
Custom Diffuser Blend

Get a babysitter and enjoy the time to converse with our tribe. These events are so awesome because we can get together and learn while having fun. And heck, who doesn’t love DIY oily goodies.