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Come meet housewives Miranda and Melinda inside the Athleta Store in Lenox Mall in Atlanta, GA from 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM.  Smell lots of Young Living Oils and other products and ask the housewives your oil questions!!

No RSVP required – just stop in!

Come join a few hours of fun!!! Learn how essential oils can benefit your overall health and wellness NATURALLY! We live in a society riddened with toxic chemicals and processed foods that are slowly killing us. I mean, it’s no wonder why CANCER rates are up. However only 5-10% of all Cancer is genetic… SO THAT MEANS 95% of Cancers cases are environmental… IT IS THE JUNK WE ARE BRINGING INTO OUR HOMES, USING ON OUR SKIN; it is controllable.

Young Living essential oils have changed my life DRASTICALLY and I want to be able to change and share my love with as many people as I can. So I ask you for a few hours of your time to just come and listen, enjoy, eat, drink and have fun!


You’ll learn about the toxins in your home and how to ditch and switch them for safer, toxin free products that are better for your family and your wallet. Housewives Melinda and Miranda will tell you everything you need to know.

This event is being held privately on Facebook live.  To find out how to attend, ask  a member of The Holistic Housewife team.

Housewife Tracy will be speaking about toxin free homes to WINGS,  organization of Moms housed in a local church.  Church attendance is not compulsory.  Child care is provided.

Location:  Milford, MI

For RSVP info, contact