My mission is to teach those who struggle with anxiety, depression, & limiting beliefs about better tools to improve their lives. It starts by shifting your mindset and embracing these resources to better your environment. You are enough and you deserve to step into your power. You are here for nothing less than greatness. So let’s get it!



For the past five years I have been on a deep spiritual journey. Growing in the art of my intuitive connection, meditation and becoming a spirit junkie. Yep  I am an Alumni of the Spriti Junkie Master Class and The University Of Wellness. I continue to grow on a personal and spiritual level because I believe that we are always students. I believe that we always have the capacity to learn so we can serve. I have been coached and trained throughout my life. I have been given tools to help me learn to not live in fear, and to choose love and know that this life we are give is so much more!

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CBD what????

  There is so much out there on the market today when it comes to CBD. It can be super overwhelming. How do I know what I am getting and what is the difference between all the the different CBD products? I'm here to make it super simple because Young Living is soon to...

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Essential oils are not a cure all

If you use essential oils you know what amazingness they can do for you and your family. But I want to talk to y’all that don’t. There is a common desperation and misconception that essential oils CURE, PREVENT, and do all this stuff that any law the FDA will not...

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You’re makeup is making you look old!

Y’all I had 4K worth of highend designer makeup that I threw out!!! I didn’t realize that the chemicals in makeup were adding up to the toxic overload in my body! The lipstick I was wearing was nothing short of the paint I waisted my walls with... so why was I putting...

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Want to know more about the holistic powers of Essential Oils?

Want to know more about the holistic powers of Essential Oils?