Just kidding!

But seriously! A lot of us are seeing schools shut down due to the #COVID-19

Some freaking out, others not too concerned. Go check out my latest post on IG to help change your perspective on everything. Also while you’re at it don’t forget to check o it my podcast on the Corona virus.

A lot of you have written me asking me what the hell to do with kids all day. To you I say WELCOME TO MY LIFE. Lol jk, but it’s really not that bad.

Take this opportunity to allow your kids to get set to a schedule, discipline, and boundaries. Allow them to connect with you on another level. Disconnect them and yourself from the inter webs and come together.

Here is our schedule. This is not a HOMESCHOOL schedule. Rather than a regular daily schedule for us. I wanted to keep it vague so you can kind of cater it to your needs and lifestyle.

I hope you find it useful… and may the odds forever be in your favor (hold up hands like they do in the hunger games).

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