So today my son started Second grade. Wow, where has the time gone? With school starting back up that means back to the nitty-gritty of a strict schedule. I find myself nonstop all day long, and I don’t think many people understand that the life of a “housewife” isn’t as glamorous as the stuff you see on Bravo. So, I took it upon myself to document (lightly- not too much detail) what I do in a day. the life of a housewife

6:00 My husband gets up and gets ready for work. Which inadvertently wakes me up. Usually I am so exhausted I lay there lifeless. 6:15 The hubby kisses me goodbye aka lays on top of me and snuggles me (as always he is the best).., I still lay there anticipating my alarm, almost anxiety stricken over the inevitable alarm.

6:30 The dreaded alarm goes off I hit the snooze button for just a few more minutes 6:38 WTF the alarm goes back off. 8 minutes??? Can’t it at least be 10 minutes?? I wake up turn the shower on get in shower do my morning routine on getting clean. I wake up Tristan get him ready. He was sweaty so he wanted to take a shower. So I run downstairs let the dogs out make Tristan breakfast. I run back upstairs finish getting him ready come downstairs give him all his supplements and vitamins. I make a sandwich for his lunch that I packed the night before. I make it last to avoid soggy bread. God forbid that happens, the thought of the poor school faculty member that has to deal with that hot mess horrifies me. 

7:18 I run back upstairs to wake up the baby change her bring her downstairs get her juice and supplements ready. I start the car pack up the car and head to school!

7:24 forgot my wallet so had to run back inside! (Thanks mom brain)

8:00 Home from school drop off. I let the dogs back out, feed them, and make the baby eggs and fruit. I then start cleaning the kitchen counters (as I do every day), clean up breakfast, dance and play with the baby for a bit. It’s Monday (I have a cleaning schedule.. Did I mention I love schedules) so it’s dusting day. I have to vaccum everyday! I start downstairs, I dust then I vacuum.

9:00 am I take the baby upstairs. I dust and get babe dressed (I pee finally). I get coupons ready to run to Bjs to get more snacks for school.

9:24 I make some coffee to go and leave. I pray I can enjoy a hot cup of coffee for once.

10:38 I get home, unload the car into the kitchen.

10:50 The baby gets a snack and she colors while I trim and set up flowers I just bought from the store.

11:05 I wash fruit,clean up the mess I made from pruning the flowers, re-vacuum the living room from the mess the baby made with her snack. I realize I left my darn coffee in the car!

11:13 Put baby down for nap and holy moly I pee again (today’s a good day)

11:19 I fold laundry, dust and vacuum upstairs. A neighbor comes over to borrow luggage.

12:50 Finally, food! I eat lunch and wipe down kitchen (again! See OCD pattern) I rescue Penny, our dog, from the neighbor who is evil and hosing her with water. (Ya she’s crazy)

1:20 I make it back upstairs and do office work.

2:00 Quickly make baby lunch. I put away laundry. Get the baby up and ready to go get brother from school.

2:20 Out the door, forgot wallet (again) and on way to get Tristan.

3:10 We get home and go through his backpack. I get the boy a homework snack and do homework.

3:34 Finally I sit for a few and let the kids play. At this time my husband comes home we chat for a few and then it’s out back to get some fresh air with the little one while the oldest gets ready for Jui-Jitsu with his daddy.

4:00 I start prepping dinner while chasing the baby.

4:45 Cook dinner- grilled skirt steak, green beans, and corn bread for the kids.

5:19 We eat; its just me and the baby because my son and husband are out.

5:43 I clean up after dinner, clean kitchen, vaccum dining room and spot vaccum common areas downstair. (Ya ya ya I know)

6:00 Dance party in the living room with the baby while cleaning up toys

6:16 It’s bath time! I let her play for a bit while I fold the laundry and sing to music in the bathroom with her

6:32 I get baby ready for bed, put laundry away re vacuum bedroom because my husband left some stuff on the floor from his shoes

6:40 The little munchkin and I read a book and do out bedtime routine.

6:52 The baby is yelling and talking up a storm in her room. I come downstairs to get my sons “Happy first day of school” cheesecake ready.

7-7:30 The baby is still loud but she’s not crying so I sit down… Holy crap what is this feeling? Nothing to do but wait for the boys to come home. I watch some trash reality TV to pass the time. Typically if my son were home we would be putting him to bed by now.

7:30 I can’t stand the waiting so I decided to get in the shower and get myself ready for bed… In the quiet!! How exciting!

7:50 The boys got home and I warmed up and played their dinner. We did cheesecake shortly after.

8:20 Clean up the kitchen once again. Clean up the toys and do my nighttime routine of shutting down the house. That usually consists of making sure the doors are locked and closing the blinds.

8:45 Got Tristan in the shower and waited for him to be done. Made him get back in the shower and re-wash his hair because apparently he didn’t do a good enough job and there were still here paste and his hair.

9:12 I want to Tristan into his room and we do his bedtime routine and tuck him in.

9:22 I finally get in bed and turn on some more trash TV. My husband shortly follows up the stairs and he gets himself ready for bed. I am literally done… I’ve hit a wall and I just don’t want to think, do, or speak.
So for you people who think that being a housewife is glamorous it really isn’t. Yes it is my job to take care the kids and to keep my house clean and to basically run my household however it’s not an easy feat. I don’t get paid and often times my rewards come with arguments, tears, and talking back from the kids. I wear the armor of many; I am a wife, a mother, a cooked to order chef, I made, the plumber, handyman, a dog walker, laundress, chauffeur, A referee, a teacher, a personal assistant, and office manager, A problem solver, and obstacle course competitor, a nurse, a boo boo healer, a choreographer, a disciplinarian, a pooper scooper, you get what I am saying. Don’t take this post the wrong way I am not complaining. I find great satisfaction in the fact that I’m a good wife a good mom and a good housekeeper. At the end of the day everyone is happy, healthy, and my house is clean! I take great pride in what I do I just don’t think many people realize everything stay at home moms do. I may not remember everything and I may not have 100% of my sanity but life is good.

First day of school! ready!!!

  Me vacuuming (like always but at least I’m good at it) it’s very rare I get dressed! I live in a messy bun and gym clothes!
On our way to BJs

Walk walk walk to our room… It’s nap time!!!!


She sat herself at the dinner table. Apparently I wasn’t moving fast enough.

The multitasking mommy. Bath and folding baby laundry. So glamorous!