So I finally finished my book… Redirecting Children’s Behavior by Kathryn J. Kvols (which I highly recommend to all parents) and in the end is this great little story. Enjoy!!
xoxox -B

Dear Mommy and Daddy,
❤ Hold me, touch me, snuggle me often… for it is through your
love that I flourish.
❤ Watch me, listen to me, and don’t hurry our time together. Even
though you’ve read “Green Eggs and Ham” a thousand times, put
your heart into it –and no skippin’ pages… for I judge my
importance by how important I am to you.
❤ I will remember your open arms and the way that your face
lights up when you see me more than the fancy clothes you buy me.
I will remember your butterfly kisses, dancing in the rain with you
and our shaving cream fights long after the toys you buy me.
❤ Be patient and seek to understand me… for it is though our
interactions that I learn to interact with others.
❤ Value my wants no matter how silly they seem to you… for it is
here that I learn that what I want is important.
❤ Be firm with me even when I’m screaming at the grocery store…
for it is though your courage to be firm that I learn to stick to my
❤ Don’t bribe me, reward me or punish me… for you rob me of the
opportunity to listen to my own internal voice.
❤ Please don’t yell or hit me… for this teaches me to use force to
get my way.
❤ Forgive yourself quickly… for my spirit is resilient.
❤ Instead of remembering my footprints on the inside of your
windshield, my dirty socks full of sand and the magic marker on the
wall, remember the day I discovered my shadow, my arms around
your neck and the delight of my giggles.
❤ At the end of our bad days, remind yourself of how much you
love me. Watch me while I sleep. Marvel at my eyelashes,
cheekbones and fingertips.
❤ When my teacher calls or when I get in a fight, assume the best
of me and expect the best for me.
❤ Stand by me, and yet let me fight my own battles… for it is here
that I develop confidence and build character.
❤ Let me watch respect and cooperation flow between you
two…for it is here that I learn how to interact with the other sex.
Having a good relationship is one of the greatest gifts you can give
❤ As I grow up, support my ever-changing dreams. I need
someone to believe in me when I don’t.
❤ Trust me as a teen, even though there is no evidence that you
should. Trust that you have taught me well.
❤ Even though I make you walk far behind at the mall or not allow
you to kiss me in public, I still need you.
❤ Allow me to express who I am and make my life’s decisions,
even though they may differ from yours.
❤ Lastly, make nothing other than God more important than our
family… for it is here that I discover who I am.
-By Kathryn Kvols