CBD.. yea yea yea we get it. Y’all have seen me ranting and raving about @naturesultra CBD and how they infuse @YoungLiving essential oils on it. For real it’s amazing stuff!⁣

We all know the amazing properties that CBD has. GOOGLE IT IF YOUR LIKE HUH 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️⁣

But did you know how great CBD is topically? It’s amazing! It’s a huge thing!! The FDA just approved CBD as a drug, but lots of beauty and wellness products are benefiting from it too! ⁣

CBD oil is a beauty superstar for its versatility and ever-growing list of benefits. It’s great for conditioning the skin and we all know the amazing anti-inflammatory properties CBD carries. Just go google CBD and skin benefits and you’ll be using this all over!⁣

So I just came up with my CBD skin mask:⁣
-2TBSP Bentonite Clay⁣
-1/4 Tsp Activated Charcoal⁣
-1/8 Tsp Vitamin E⁣
-2 droppers of Nature’s Ultra Pet CBD (I chose this one because it has no flavoring)⁣
-Apple Cider Vinegar to get the mixture to the consistency you prefer ⁣

Have you used CBD on your skin yet???