I am a self-proclaimed OCD clean freak. When we moved into our home (6 years ago) I was so excited and so full of anxiety. We moved from a 1800 sq. ft. home to a almost 5,000 sq ft. home. How the hell am I going to be able to keep things in line?

Once we were settled, I quickly realized (like my kids) that I needed to be on a schedule. I would freak out and have full out melt downs if someone needed something from me, because that meant throwing a wrench into my cleaning and routine. Although my oils, especially my Stress Away, help with my stress and anxiety; it can’t clean my house (a girl can dream). So here it is… here is my cleaning schedule. If there is one word of advice it’s: DO IT AND DO IT WELL. There is no reason to do something and only do it meet mediocre standards. Apply yourself and do it right the first time and you will feel so much better about yourself. Time management is a huge contributor to eliminating stress… so why not start with the simple household chores!
Cleaning Schedule

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