Or at least that’s what it feels like!!! So, Thursday of last week I started doing two-a-days; training hard for the Mrs. Florida America pageant. Yes if you didn’t know I have been titled Mrs. Palm Beach, and I am competing for the title of Mrs. Florida America and hopes to go on nationally to Mrs. America. My reason for doing this is the charity that I found it with another woman locally here called F.A.K.S.- Foster and adopted kids supply. I digress, so after my second workout of the day I felt extremely nauseous and sick to my stomach. Earlier in the week I had felt like I was getting a urinary tract infection. I kept feeling the sudden urge to your name and the satisfaction was not there after elimination…. So after the workout I assumed that’s what it was. I immediately went inside took a shower and started treating myself for the urinary tract infection. I put Exodus II on my feet, I rubbed purification, lemongrass, and Copiaba on both my gut and my lower back. I also took a capsule with a mixture of  Thives, Oregano, and Frankinsense oils. About 20 min the urge of having to urinate went away. I was cured… Lol… Or so I thought.

Later that evening I found myself almost lethargic. I couldn’t move I felt a little bit mentally disoriented, I felt sick to my stomach almost as if I were pregnant. Don’t worry I am not! And I grew a temperature of 102°F… Yay me!!!! I immediately drew a detox bath with thieves and peppermint. The nausea instantly went away after soaking. However, I had to let go of my controlling ways and let my husband take control of the household and kids while I lay down and rest. I put peppermint on my feet and across the back of my neck to cool myself down this immediately drovemy fever down. I figured I had maybe had a 24 hour bug but when I woke up the next morning I felt just as bad. So keeping up with the peppermint oil regimen, to keep the fever down, I also added the essential oils antibiotic combination of thieves, frankincense, and oregano. When I tell you that within 20 minutes I felt completely better I am not lying. So I continued throughout my day and around 3 o’clock I started to feel crappy all over again. Dammit I knew I should’ve taken a noon antibiotic! So you guessed it, I made another antibiotic and blend. Also, by this time my fever was back so I applied more peppermint to the bottom of my feet to draw down the fever and I actually did take another detox bath.

Through that night I woke up a few times feeling sick to my stomach, however I was so tired I could not get myself up out of the bed. When I woke up the next morning I took my antibiotic blend and I rubbed DiGize all over my belly. BAM… Nausea gone! I broke out the Zyto scanner, and my scan took 15 freaking minutes!!!! My scan came back to take Super C… Which is an amazing vitamin C from Young living. It also suggested Immupower and Juvacleanse to help support my liver. See!!! I knew something was going on with my digestive/back area. I immediately went on to Young living and did a quick order for these items. I overnighted them!!!!

The next morning I took the Juvacleanse in a capsule and diffused the Immupower. I also kept up with the Super C and antibiotic two times a day. That was the first day that my fever was completely gone!! I haven’t had it since! I feel like I’m getting back to myself it is been almost a week and I do get a little bit nauseous here or there but the DiGize helps that instantly! My body is doing what it supposed to be in fighting whatever’s going on inside my God. I’m very please with how the oils have helped and how they are supporting the rest of my body. 

if you’re interested in learning more about essential oils and how to get started please feel free to contact me by email at Holistichousewife1@gmail.com



***I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be. The comments I made or not recommendations to treat, cure, or prevent illness. They are not regulated by the FDA. There simply my stories of trials and tribulations and experimentations with Young living at essential oils. I do not suggest ingesting any other oil brand! As other brands are dilluted with additives in toxins.***