So I get asked all the time why I chose Young Living over DoTerra. And honestly I do not have a medical, scientifical (is that a word) explanation, but here is why/how I made my choice. I have been in search of essential oils for YEARS!!! I have tried them all… especially for relief for my anxiety. I started at the store and they store brands never worked… but they smelled pretty 🙂  The reason why is, although they say the are “100%” they aren’t. The FDA does not regulate the labeling of the essential oil bottles. For them to say 100% all they need, as per the FDA, is 5% actual oil in them. So what is the rest of the liquid in the bottle?? Well, it’s diluted carrier oil, additives, and toxins. So, once I educated myself on that (and there is much more detail to that) I came to DoTerra and Young Living. They both claim to be 100% truly.

So I originally purchased DoTerra (don’t shoot me!) off Amazon. After using DoTerra for a few days I wasn’t thrilled. But I ; said to myself… just stick it out it might take some time. So I did, and after a month I found myself frustrated and yet again searching tirelessly for an all natural oil that works!

I did some research on DoTerra and Young Living, and in a nut shell. I read the history of the story. Basically, Gary Young, the founder and CEO of Young Living had a partner, who sall remain nameless here. For whatever reason the “partner” decided to branch off and start DoTerra. When he did that he used a lot of the same recipes and in essence copied a lot of Young Living blends. I found this to be distasteful. As a small business owner, ethics and honesty is the best policy. And someone that does that, just doesn’t morally sit well with me. So, with that said that was what made me buy my Premium Starter Kit from Young Living.

Once, I received my Young Living Oils they worked IMMEDIATELY! I had the best night sleep I have had in a long time with the free home diffuser and Lavender that came in the kit. I was officially sold after this, so I invested in a few more oils to help relieve teething pain for my daughter. With the kit you get 24% off any other oils and purchases so that was a plus. I made a teething oil for her (see other posts) and that was the first time at 14 months, that she had slept through the night! It has been all “up hill” from there. I am hooked.

Recently I came across this very interesting and insightful You Tube video…. check it out. This just solidifies that I made the right choice for my essential oil and holistic care.



I hope this helps you make your decision. Please let me know if you need any help or if you have any questions: