So I hope everyone had an amazing holiday!!! I know for me my holidays get super crazy! We celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas, as we are a blended family. So not only is it crazy trying to see all the family that comes in but it can be financially stressful. Nonetheless, we had a good time. I used a lot of Stress Away to keep me from getting to worked up and overwhelmed. I love that stuff…. I’m pretty much like a crack addict needing my fix; except my crack is Stress Away. So no harm done 🙂

So I know I told you in a previous post how my neighbor ended up getting the Flu as well did the rest of their family. Well, me being the fantastic (Im kidding) person that I am I was over there all day (as I said in the previous post) giving detox baths, applying Thieves oil and making them Bone Broth; It didn’t occur to me that I was bringing home those germs left and right as I was crazily running back and forth from house to house. Not to mention my son was playing with their kids even though they were sick. So with that said, THANK GOD we use our immune boosting supplements of Ningxia Red, Elderberry Syrup, and Probiotics. My kids never caught the Flu but they did catch a cold. See, that is the thing about supplements. It isn’t going to make you NEVER get sick. Rather, its preventative care. Preventing the worst germy outcome. I will take colds all day over the flu.

I have to admit I freak out every time my daughter (15 months) gets a cold because #1 it aggravated her acid reflux and #2 she has to have to pacifier to sleep or else she a spawn of the devil (just kidding). So my son (6) and daughter both starter with runny nose. I boosted them up on some Vitamin C and Echinecha that morning. I think the best of the germ monster got them before I did because the next night was HELL ON WHEELS! My son was coughing all night and the SPAWN reared her fabulous head. She was up all night crying because she couldn’t breath and she too was coughing a wet cough.

What did I do you ask? Short of running away from lack of sleep and delirium 🙂 I quickly grabbed my oils. I applied Thieves to both kids immediately! I aspirated the baby and went to bed. When we woke up they were still the same… but thank God they weren’t worse. This could’ve developed into a sinus infection or upper respiratory infection. So throughout the day (the baby naps still 2 x’s) I applied RC oil to both the kids in the morning to help with the respiratory aspect. I also applied a drop of Thieves again to their feet and put socks on. I myself started to feel sick so I made myself an Antibiotic capsule using Thieve, Oregano, and Frankincense (I will post separately).

The application of Thieves and RC seemed to help both kids drastically in 24 hours! I was shocked. The baby even slept through the night! I applied the RC and Thieves again at night for my son and at every nap for the baby. I also diffused the following at night especially to help dry up and get rid of the cough:


This helped virtually clear my son up. The next day I did the same with the Thieves and applied Raven Oil on my daughter the same as I did RC oil. I also put this on myself because I am prone to Bronchitis. I was not going to have that happen. The reason honestly why I switch the RC to Raven was simply because I ran out  of RC lol. I was using it on two kids, in diffusers and in the steam shower (which by the way is lovely!) I found that the Raven oil helped her more and by Christmas Eve the cough and booger box was gone gone gone! I am so happy that I didn’t have to resort to conventional OTC poison meds. Normally I would have been frantically giving her Tylenol, Cough Medicine… not because I am an idiot. But, simply to alleviate her discomfort. Being a mom is tough, and none of us are perfect. We just want whats right four our babies and I can honestly say that by applying and using essential oils it helps with that mom guilt and mom anxiety. Especially when using Young Living Essential Oils. I know that is top quality and the purest oil and that is so reassuring!

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**** DISCLAIMER: Please note I am not a Doctor or medical practitioner. The claims I make are not regulated by the FDA and are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent diseases. However, I am a mom. A mom that is aware of the crap and poison in everyday life, foods, and medicine. I have done extensive research. I speak from my heart, I speak honestly, and I speak from experience. I trust 150% the products I solicit and preach. I have used them on myself, as well as my children and friends.****