Well, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but when my daughter was born all I remember was having this screaming baby night and day. No matter what I did it seemed that I could not soothe her! I lived my life holding her and trying to pacify her. I felt helpless, guilty, and thoughts of “Oh my God, what did I just get myself into” crossed my mind.

Fast forward about two weeks after bringing her home, my daughter caught a cold from my son. One fine evening she just stopped breathing. Struggling for air, we immediately rushed her to the hospital. Of course I was frantic, horrified, and the worst thoughts were going through my mind. We later found out she had acid reflux and the mucus from her cold was aggravating the reflux. From then on she was put on Zantac for the reflux.

My daughter has been on Zantac since 2 weeks old and this is something that has bothered me and made me so uncomfortable. I have tried several times (before finding essential oils) to wean/take her off of this medication. Every time was a complete bust, resulting in screaming and discomfort all day and more importantly ALL NIGHT. I had done some reasearch on natural ways to ease her teething and found the Roman Chammolille and Lavender. I immediately went to Whole Foods and bouht the Aria Cacia brand…. It didn’t work. I was so upset, however I was determined to find something to help this poor baby girl. If I couldn’t take her off the Zantac I sure could help with the teething. After searching high and low I came across Young Living essential oil. I ordered another set of oils for teething as well as my Premium Starter Kit (part of the oil for my teething recipe came with the kit so why not?) and bam she slept through the night no problem!!!

I digress, so after a month of using the crap out of my kit, I looked into re-ordering more oils. I came across DiGize a blend that helps and aids with digestive issues. This was my Holy Grail. Anyone that knows me knows how horrible my stomach is… I get it from my Mama! (thanks for nothing mom) I learned quickly that it could help with my daughters acid reflux. The idea of getting her off the Zantac once and for all was so exciting for me that I stock piled this oil and bought a bunch! Now, I didn’t just remove the Zantac completely. I weaned her off, bascially out of sure fear of her being in pain and screaming. Finally, I am proud to announce as of Monday this week she is ZANTAC FREE!!!! We have been Zantac Free for 3 days now and I have a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! I rub DiGize on her little belly before bed and she sleeps so well. I am so incredibly thankful for this, not only thankful but I am much less stressed and my poor sanity has been saved!

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