There is a fun little CLICK BAIT article going around on how YOU SHOULD NEVER DRINK OILS IN YOUR WATER.

First of all, we need to look at the source. That’s all I am going to say.

Second these are just claims. There are no valid scientific facts behind these claims or as I like to say OPINIONS. Which in my opinion we have way too many of! We are a society of people who read titles but not content (I am guilty too). We are a society of clicking share before we read something, not understanding that titles don’t mean $h!t.

With that said, most of these articles state that “essential oils in water can burn your esophagus”. They will even go as far to use trigger phrases like “If someone tells you to do this, they have no clue what they are talking about.” Basically, indirectly name calling and labeling people who are distributors for essential oil companies. This is fear mongering and yet again false! They back this statement by saying oils and water do not mix. And that’s true… we know that oil and water do not mix. However essential oils are not your typical OIL. They are much different than let’s say your olive oil or cooking oil. They are so small molecularly that they actually do mix because of their Atomic Mass Unit (google it). Again, it’s about factual based data, not feelings.

If you take a glass of water and drop a drop of essential oil on to the top. You can let it sit for 20- 30- even 60 minutes and sip from the very bottom of the glass without mixing or agitating the oil you can actually taste whatever oil you put in it because it in fact, disbursing throughout the glass.

It is important if you are ingesting oils to know the safety with essential oils. It’s also important to know that not all essential oils are consumable. And, along with that not all brands are consumable. Read your label folks!  It is also so important to get oils from someone who knows what they are doing. Someone who can train and guide you.

People think that because the oils are volatile, that they are potent, and they are in a sense. We clean with them, get sticky residue off all the things, and the oils eat through grime. Then, you use it on you, and it does the same. WRONG, essential oils are going to eat through plastic, and Styrofoam because plastic and Styrofoam are FAKE. They are made up of petrochemicals.

Essential oils do not damage your stomach or the gut which is another question I get. They don’t because they don’t attack the skin, they attached synthetics and petrochemicals. We use oils on cuts and scrapes, and they help support in healing. Yes, on a damaged area or irritated area topical application of and essential oils could burn. But it won’t hurt or damage you.

Vocal cord or esophageal damage is the claim and there are no case studies or factual based data that supports or agrees with this. These are assumptions not facts. This is the issue with social media.

The truth of the matter is that YL specifically gives a lot of trainings and compliance trainings to their distributors. What each individual does or does not do is on their terms and discretion.

I had GERD while pregnant. And I used my essential oils topically and internally. GASP “Brooke did what?!?” Yes, I did and guess what. I found success in doing so without negative side effects. And, if you know anything about GERD is makes your esophagus raw. So, if you are someone who already has a compromised espouse you would more than likely want to be very careful.

Essential oils are FAT SOLUBLE! Fat soluble nature of essential oils allows them to easily penetrate the membranes of cells and be rapidly absorbed through the skin. Your skin is not a plastic! The essential oils actually clean the cells and detox the cells! And they are in fact very supportive of your body. Again, science not scare tactics or fear.

When you chew gum, you’re getting essential oils in from the flavor. If you drink Pepsi, guess what they use essential oils for flavor. If you eat salad or squeeze a lemon in your water, you’re ingesting essential oils. Yes, it’s probably less concentration but toxic effects of essential oils happen with 300ml or more. THINK ABOUT THAT we sell 5ml and 10ml for the most part. We know one drop is one serving. What in the fresh hell would someone use 300ml? That is recklace and insane. I would say let Darwinism take place at that point. Any over consumption of anything is bad for you. I mean you could overdose on water! Also, another thing to consider is these large dosage testing has been tested on rats. Certified French Aromatherapy standards show 12 drops a day is considered safe. The facts are essential oils are safe to take and to do so daily internally.

We have to consider and educate ourselves on proper usage. You can use small amounts of GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) essential oils daily for benefits and support. Less is more with oils. So, if your heavy handed, control yourself.  Start slow one drop and see how you feel. If you choose to use essential oils, you will reap the benefits. It attacks intruders like petrochemicals. It will detox your body on a cellular level (detox symptoms are likely but ride it out its worth is) you’ll feel better. The essential oils will support the function of your systems. Peppermint helps support your circulatory system, but it also supports the digestive system, your metabolism and so much more. Ingesting these oils supports in a way that you cannot get from topical or aromatic application, sorry I said it!

So bottom line the choice is yours. I am going to continue to use the right oils in the right amounts internally. And I will continue to advocate for it. I urge each of you to do your research, ask questions when these assumptions and fact less based opinions are thrown out there and just be mindful of the source.