Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 9.44.10 AMAs many of you know now by reading my posts, my daughter is not an easy baby. She is now 16 months and compared to my son has been a crazy challenge!

My son is 6 and ever since he was about… I’d say 7 months old he has slept like a rock! Not to mention he was very consistent with his sleeping patterns. Fast forward 5 years to Miss Marlee… my beautiful, vibrant, monster child! From the first day it was stress and torture. In the hospital she had stopped breathing and turned gray. It was from then on out, I never slept again. Ok I am being a bit dramatic but I will tell you how I got to bed finally just keep reading.

So back to the cranky, colicky, I don’t want to sleep I just want to party or piss my mom off newborn. After two weeks of having her home, and a hospital visit for a few days because she again stopped breathing. We found out she had silent reflux. Its a type of acid reflux where it doesn’t necessarily come out all the time, but it most certainly comes up the esophagus… GROSS and I am sure painful. I was relieved because I remember thinking to myself, LORD HELP ME! My daughter seemed so uncomfortable and uneasy ALL THE TIME! She literally would scream and cry all day and all night. It got to the point where I felt numb, helpless, and like the walking dead. All I could do was hold her, and even that didn’t soothe her. I remember crying to my husband “This isn’t normal. A baby shouldn’t be this stressed, this upset, this restless all the time”.

Long story short, the hospital never saw or found reflux, but I demanded Zantac. I had her on it immediately and saw an improvement in a few days. This was a relief for me. I had also changed her formula just incase to the expensive Alimentum. That stuff smells like S%!t no lie! And when its digested it smells like a garbage dump! But, I was so desperate! Anything to soothe this baby!

So with that said, lets fast-foward to about 4 months, when said monster baby starts teething. This was a downward spiral for me. Yes all was well, or I should say somewhat better before this. The baby seemed to be happier and much more content, but still waking up bloody screaming all the time. Then 6 teeth decided to start coming in at once. YES 6! I used teething tablets, Advil, you name it. Of course this was before I found essential oils. It took me a good few months before I discovered essential oils for Marlee. But the minute I did I ditched the teething tablets, Orajel, and advil. Heck I even purchased the Amber necklace. I was ready to sell my limbs to help her!

I can easily blame my oil addiction on her. But hey at least its not crack! I digress… I went to a local chain store and got lavender. I heard it can help calm… plus I tried it once for my anxiety and never really saw a difference. So you can say I was skeptical. However, I did like the smell though. The store bought oil didn’t work and so I had given up on my search. Until one day in October I said to myself I can not take this anymore I NEED A FULL NIGHT SLEEP! Marlee was over a year and still waking up a few times a night. I did everything! I made sure her bed was elevated for the reflux. Her white noise machine was on full blast. I made sure she was warm and had two blankets (yea this kept me up all night watching her) hell, she had 3 pacifiers in her crib. There was no freakin reason why she should be waking up! Short of running away, I tirelessly started searching for natural teething aids I came across and article about clove oil. How it can help the babies but ehhhh it wasn’t super safe internally and heavily debated. I figured with my luck this kid will have a melt down and I will be up all night anyway so I opted to nix that route.

Then finally….AH HA!!!! Roman Chamomile and Lavender…. I researched and read about this. I ordered my Premium Starter Kit with Young Living, because after much research I realized that they really had 100% medicinal/therapeutic grade essential oil. This was the reason why the lavender never worked before. The store brand oils are processed either heated (killing the medicinal properties) or watered down or even polluted with sulfates and toxic additives… sometimes both! Not all oils are created equally and there is a ton of false advertising out there. When I read that it all made sense. This is why the crap from the store never worked for my anxiety!

Along with my kit I ordered the roman chamomile. I diluted it with coconut oil and I applied it to the baby’s feet and jawline after her bath and bottle. I did a rain dance, and said a prayer, singed her the song I sing her every night and kissed her face. I turned off the light and said I love you as I shut the door, as I do every night. I got ready for bed and I was freakin exhausted. I was at the end of my rope… I crashed in my bed, drooling and probably snoring (there is an oil for that too lol) and before I knew it, my alarm was going off. I awoke in a startled panic. All I could think was OMG Marlee I frantically grabbed the video monitor and she was passed out… sound asleep. HALLELFREAKINUJAH! It was a miracle!!!! No it was the oils! Because I did this until she stopped teething (is that even possible?) and every night (almost) I diffuse lavender in her room and my son’s room as well as mine.

I have been using the Young Living lavender for my panic and anxiety disorder as well. I can not begin to tell you how much this has helped me. Not only that but I add it to my face cream when I am breaking out and it helps clear my skin because it has antiseptic properties to it. Lavender is by far my favorite oil I have… along with Thieves. I use them like a fat kid eats cake. I take baths with my lavender, I clean with it, I make scrubs with it… I would marry it if I wasn’t already! So, I am not exaggerating when I say Young Living’s Lavender has SAVED MY LIFE!!!!

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