Madonna had it right we are living in a material world!!! I find this somewhat sad in many cases. Now, do not get me wrong. I love nice things, designer or not, but I do not have to flaunt it. ┬áSocial media has made this situation worse. It enables people to “show off” or as I like to say shove in your face the expensive items they live paycheck to paycheck to buy. Its the case in point of beer budget with caviar taste.

I have a girlfriend who is so in the dark about this stuff. She likes what she likes name or no name. She could careless. I envy this laid back lackadaisical aspect about her. I wish I could be like that. But, in reality I feel almost an anxiety (so to speak) to “keep up with the Jones’.” I wish I could be more like my friend.

So what’s up with this “look at me look at me” ideology? Some speculate it’s just vanity and selfishness, but I just think it’s all about people trying to one up and make themselves feel better. I honestly feel that this attitude or mindset is a way to make oneself feel better by putting another person down for making them feel bad by shoving their materialistic expensive things and other people’s faces.

Is it me, or has our society totally gone down the crapper? I mean when did it become acceptable to intentionally try to make people “jealous” or feel “little” while loathing in things/items that are merely just meaningless objects. Have we lost sight of what is important? Have we lost the importance on self value? This “trait” makes it so hard for me to like people. I find myself wanting to like certain people, and befriend them; and I find out they are like this and it’s a total turn off. Why can’t we keep our things for ourselves, enjoy them and admire them but focus on what’s important. Perhaps people have lost sight as to our priorities! Health, Family, and being happy with yourself is worth so much more than Botox, or a designer bag; I just wish people could see that.