I have this crazy super irrational fear of flying. It all stemmed back to when I was like 9. My twin sister and I were on our way to Boston by ourselves. I was nervous but I had my sis so I was ok. We were on our way to the airport and I was super sad because my dad was stuck at work. I immediately thought “oh my gosh what if something happens and I don’t get to say goodbye to my dad.” and that was all she wrote. I was hysterical to the point where I couldn’t breathe and I was totally freaking everyone else around me out.

Since that day, I probably got on a plan twice until last year. Both times I had to be heavily medicated. MY adrenaline would pump so hard that my body would metabolize the medications. So when someone should be passed the eff out from the meds, I was sitting there internally struggling but not as bad as I would be had I not popped some pills. I needed those meds.

Since then it had been years since I have flown, simply because I am that terrified. Why in my right mind would I voluntarily torture myself like that? And then it happened. I got a invitation in the mail to my favorite cousins wedding. Yes he is my favorite cousin because he basically lived with me and I fed his ass every night (Mikey we miss you and have lots of left overs). I couldn’t miss his wedding! However, his wedding was clear across the darn country in Seattle! So here I am, perspiring at the thought. I’ve never been on a plane longer than 3 hours and now I am expected to fly for over 6 hours! After a lot of thought and not giving into my fear and anxiety. I realized this was my opportunity to put my self work into action and face my fear.

I am not going to lie. I packed my anxiety meds, which were probably expired. Just knowing it was an option gave me sound of mind. And I can genuinely tell you that I did not have to use them. What did I do? Well I turned to my oils and affirmations for support.

About a day before the flight, I was feeling super anxious. So I sat with some Release essential oil from Young Living. I put a drop in my hand, rubbed my hands to activate the molecules and inhaled. On the inhale I repeated “I am safe, and protected. My family is safe and protected”. I continued to do this with some deep breathing techniques until I felt myself letting go and calm down. Our brains are amazing yet powerful and so are the right kind of essential oils. Did you know that the limbic part of the brain (where all your trauma and emotions are stored) can be effected by essential oils in a matter of like 6-8 seconds? That’s why essential oils are so effective in healing and supporting emotions. Cool huh?

My flight routine:

Thieves & Purification on the feet (always for immune support)

Dilute Thieves on the rim of my nose.

Joy on my wrists

Ylang Ylang on my heart

White Angelica on my shoulders

Valor on my forearms and ear lobes

Release rubbed in my hands

Trauma Life on the crown of my head

Now I know this sounds like a lot. But it really isn’t. This routine is something that helps support me and allows me to feel grounded and safe. I repeat my mantra and am able to keep myself together with out going all BRIDESMAIDS on the plane!

Hopefully this blend can help you as well. And if you are not a member with Young Living and are looking to get into essential oils or chemical free living CLICK HERE

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor. I am not here to treat, prevent, or cure illness. Anything written above is purely my personal testimony and research. All products mentioned are in specific and direct instruction for Young Living essential oils and products. I do not advocate any other brands as all essential oils are not created equally.