So is been really hot lately and it’s only March. I can only imagine how horrible the summers going to be down here in South Florida. Today I whipped up a batch of natural sunscreen with all natural SPF protection for the kids and to my surprise it works very well. My poor kids are probably the palest human beings you will see in South Florida, they must get that from their mommy. My daughter who is two typically burns really easily in my son who is seven gets read instantly. After the beach we came home and showered off and no one has any burns or is slightly red. After he showered off I made sure I cover them in lavender and coconut oil just in case! Enjoy this super easy recipe!!!


1/4 cup organic unrefined coconut oil

20 drops of Young Living Carrot Seed oil

10 drops of Young Living Lavender oil


1. Melt down your coconut oil to a liquid form.

2. Add 1/4 cup coconut oil to a glass jar with a lid.

3.  Add your young living essential oils to the coconut oil and mix well.

4. Tight in your lead on your new concoction and pop it in the fridge to let it solidify.

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