Holy balls I had a weekend from hell! Yes… I start my blog with BALLS! It wasn’t horrific just super stressful. So I am running my errands on Friday and I get this random call from my realtor. Keep in mind, my house has been on the market (for $hit$ and giggles) and we haven’t shown the house in 2 months. He proceeds to say “We have a full cash offer for your house.” I don’t know why but for some reason it didn’t click. I laughed and said “Oh ok”. So he is rambling on and on about the offer and contract and paper work etc. and I am driving around the mall parking lot trying to find a spot while listening to him. I was so confused. Where the heck did this come from…. who is this person with all this cash? Do they need a child… will they adopt me… I clean toilets!!!! Anywho, he tells me to check my email and I was like ok why. So I did. BAM… there is was full contract signed… with their bank statement showing funds and a clause that says we had 24 hours to accept and 14 days to get the hell out of the house!

PUMP YOUR BRAKES!!!! SAYYYY WHHHHHATTTTT??? 14 days… 14 F&*@KING days to pack a 4300 sq ft house with 2 dogs that now have to be separated at all cost (ya another part of my week my dogs almost killed each other) and two maniac kids one of which is a toddler. Ya ok… what planet do these people live on? Not to mention that hmmm I might have to live on the street corner with all my crap and my family and bad dogs, because I HAVE NO WHERE TO GO!!! We had planned on building and we were looking for property… needless to say, we definitely didn’t expect this to happen anytime soon.

So, as you can imagine I am in full fledge panic and anxiety attack. I met my mom at the nail salon told her… called Cory (my husband) and sat for 45 minutes and my brain was just going a mile a minute. All the what if’s and OMG’s were running ramped through my mom-brain. I immediately rushed home because for some reason… well obvious reason this was consuming me. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. And I couldn’t stop crying. It was so weird I was so emotional. I was sad to leave my house because I really do love it. I was sad to leave my neighbors. I was sad because I feel like my family is so happy here. Once I got home I immediately showered myself with my Surrender oil I purchased earlier in the month. It took about 12 minutes but I was felt relief! I felt calmer, more logical, grounded, and I was able to tell myself Ok… this is going to be ok. This is emotional and that is normal and this is a great opportunity to move up and forward in life.

This oil is my Xanex in a bottle except it doesn’t make you feel dragged down. Maybe I shouldn’t call it that. Maybe I should call it my LET IT GO oil… ***Cue the music from the movie Frozen** Surrender helps balance and calm emotions. It helps to focus and release controlling behavior (what me controlling…noooo). ¬†For me, I know that I have my set schedule and my things in order and if they get altered or interrupted my world gets rocked! This oil helps me a bunch with that. The overbearing, scheduled, committed side of me is at ease so to speak wearing this oil. It helps me feel more open minded, logical, and relaxed to see through un-necessary stress. I usually apply this oil to the lobes of my ears (never put oil in ears!) or on the back of my neck and/or wrists.

I can not say enough amazing things about this oil. It has helped me a ton personally so much so that I have given this sacred gem out for samples to help others and for them to try it. I hope you decide to try it too and more importantly I hope it helps you as much as its helped me!

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*** I am not a Doctor. I do not intend on diagnosing, treating, or preventing any illness. I am just a wife, and mom that has used these medicinal grade oils and I speak from personal experience**