So ya by now if you follow my blog you know the reason why I got into essential oils was for my anxiety, but really started seriously searching high and low for oils that worked for my daughter; to ease her pain with her devil teeth. Seriously the kid would get at LEAST 4 teeth at once… WTF! How is that even fair? You know if us adults got four teeth at once we will be complaining up-and-down probably calling into work and laying our happy butts in bed all day long. I don’t know how she did it or I should say does it.

Over the summer before, I found Young living essential oils, my daughter spiked 105 fever right before we were supposed to leave on vacation. My husband ended up going with my son, and I ended up staying behind in the emergency room with my daughter. After hours of them torturing her, poking her, prodding her, they could not figure out why her fever was so high. They prescribed me ibuprofen and Tylenol switched every few hours. On top of her reflux medication, teething tablets, and all the other crap I was giving her I felt like I was poisoning her body. 

With that said this past Friday my daughter broke out in hives. They weren’t completely covering her body but there were patches all over. They didn’t seem to be bothering her and I was going over things in my brain like a crazy person. Did I wash her stuff  in something I shouldn’t have… Did I give her something food wise that she’s allergic to… Did she get bit by something? My brain was going literally crazy. So then came Saturday hives were the same. But, then came Sunday. The hives weren’t worse but they certainly weren’t better… They seemed to be itching her.Late Sunday evening my daughter spiked 102 fever so I applied peppermint to her feet which kept the fever down… Thank God for my oil right?!?  After that I noticed in the crease of her feet her hives were getting very bad and it finally dawned on me to put lavender and coconut oil on her hives within 30 minutes they were completely gone. But Monday morning her fever was back at 102. I kept applying the peppermint but right before naptime I applied Thieves diffusing in her room. I had figured that it was just a bug, just like she got over the summer. My daughter was having several meltdowns all day like something was wrong or something was hurting her and I couldn’t figure out what it was. I was exhausted mentally and emotionally and I just felt helpless. And then for some reason I thought wow she might be teething!

After being up all night with her the night before thinking she had a bug I applied the specialty eating oil that I concocted for her with fractionated coconut oil, lavender, and roman chamomile, when I first got my oils. She amazingly slept through the night peacefully and by the morning her fever was gone. We have not seen the hives or the fever back since. I’m fully convinced that her little body was just so stressed out from the 4 molars that might be coming in. I mean she is only 18 months old aren’t they supposed to get them at two years? This girl is just so advanced I guess LOL!