What is change? Change is to make or become different, to alter; exchange; vary; shift; or mutation. MUTATION??? What the hell! No wonder why change can seem scary or unsettling. Lets face is the thought of change is scary to most of us. We get so comfortable with how things are that the thought of change is daunting and can be scary.

However, I have come to learn that change is good. Think about it, if we had no change and life was consistent it’d be dull and boring. Change is an essential part of life for which we learn and grow from.

It is easily assumed that when you are growing up that the things and they ways that you were taught are correct. We look up to our parents not only as parents but guides and teachers. And in our adolescent years we do not know to think “Hey they are learning as they go too. They aren’t perfect.” As we grow up we have to learn to form our own identities, our own opinions and make our own decisions.

I have realized that I do not have to agree with something’s my parents tried to instill in me, or how my parents treated me. I can form my own way of talking to my son or disciplining him. I have also found that for me, being positive eases my anxiety and stress. Focusing on my truths and surrounding myself with positive people and things is important to me. And that may not be for you or anyone else, but for me its essential. I feel after having my son my worrying habits and stress got worse. In recent months this has been a part of my demise. I have learned that I needed to change things in my life, such as eliminating stress and people who are negative. I have had to learn to realize what causes me stress and how the power of positivity can help. Not only have I had to change my thinking, but I have had to change my attitude and my surroundings.

Learning to change things is hard too, especially when you are so accustom to living a certain way or thinking a certain way. In a world of instant gratification its easy to get discouraged in change because its something that doesn’t necessarily happen instantly. For instance when someone is dieting and going to the gym to lose weight and “change” their physique. They can’t do it once and be instantly fit.  Its something that takes work, heart, and dedication.

And sometimes we find ourselves wanting others in our lives to change. Is this a legitimate feeling? Should people be who you want them too? It sure would be nice. However, I have learned that in life that you can not change or conform anyone, they have to want and do it for themselves. If you see someone being self-destructive you cannot be that beaming light at the end of their tunnel. You set yourself up for failure that way, which in turn will just stress you out. You can certainly guide them and be there, but you cannot change anyone.

We all have it in us to change… and change for the better. This world is constantly changing. Change doesn’t have to be a huge drastic thing, like changing you hair from blonde to black. It can be a simple as learning how to not make excuses or how to turn negativity in to positivity. As Gandhi once said “Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world, as being able to remake ourselves.” Change is only as difficult and as scary as you create it in your mind. Everyone is capable of greatness and positivity. So, looking at change as growth and greatness; well, it doesn’t seem bad at all.