So, last week I got hit and I got hit hard. No I haven;t been oiling myself up. It has been hell around Casa de la Craig trying to show the house and what not because we are selling it. Between selling and buying it has been crazy. Not to mention the snow I mean pollen. Yes that’s right every morning there is a blanket of pollen on my car that could easily be mistaken for a fresh coat of snow! Needless to say I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Things have been so bad that I forgot my daily oils one day (an let me tell you I had the worst day).

With that all said all the pollen had me tore up from the floor up with my allergies. Which ended up in me getting a nasty sinus infection going on. So, last Sunday I felt exhausted and febrile. My skin was crawling and I am pretty sure I had a low grade fever. So, instead of resting I decided to run some errands with the kids and my hubby. BIG mistake! By the time I got home I felt like death. We put the kids down and I immediately made myself a “Flu Bomb” blend with my essential oils. This was taken internally with a veggie capsule and a combo of Thieves, Oregano, Frankincense and Lemon Young Living Essential Oils. I then took a Detox bath with Thieves and RC oil. After my bath I loaded myself up with some respiratory supportive oils; Raven, RC, and Frankincense. I put peppermint on my feet and I passed out! Yes, that is right I took a nap! No hell didn’t freeze over.

After my nap I felt so much better! I was able to breathe, no fever, and no more skin crawling! However, I was so worried about the kids catching this bug. So, of course I loaded their diffusers with Frankincense, Raven, Lemon and RC. I would switch up topical oils between Thieves and a “Flu Bomb” Roll on… directly on to their feet. We diffused all day and night. Staying consistent with the applications is key people! It’s work, but its worth it to support your immune system. I also gave my kids my ¬†Cough Syrup 2 x’s a day as well as Ningxia Red every morning. Needless to say, its been over a week and the kids are good!!! I am still knocking on wood (because I am a weirdo) but they never got the bug!

A common misconception with essential oils is that the oils “should ¬†prevent me from getting sick”. FALSE, these oils are amazing but there are germs, big, scary, nasty, super germs out there. And if you are not using your immune supportive oils daily, sorry to say you’re going to get sick. If you are using your oils daily as you should, you could possibly get minor symptoms rather than the full blown bug or flu. My point is this isn’t a miracle weight-loss pill or in this case a miracle flu-preventer pill. Essential oils are (the right ones) are proactive measures to help support your over-all health and wellness. So, if you do happen to catch something you can bounce back faster … NATURALLY!




Disclaimer: I am not a Dr. I am not here to treat, prevent, or cure illness. I am a mom, and these are my personal encounters and experiences.