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Hello there, I name is Brooke Craig. I am a stay at home mom have two beautiful little rugrats, one 6 and the other 1. My journey into the holistic homeopathic lifestyle has been a long road.

It all started with a few years ago when my husband and I decided to start doing CrossFit. We were introduced the Paleo lifestyle. A lifestyle and diet consisting of eating nothing processed no artificial anything, no processed junk; just natural meat, healthy fats, nuts, veggies and fruit. After delving into this for a few years I realized how many chemicals and poisons are put into our food and made a conscience effort not to give that to my family. This opened a whole can of worms into the world of toxins and poisons for me.

Recently, I started looking into my own personal care. Now, everyone that knows me knows that I am a clean freak to the point of being borderline OCD. My favorite cleaning product of choice is plain old bleach. I mean I would bleach for literally everything. My friends would joke that I had no nice clothes because they were all stained with bleach splatters. I would really get read the riot act from one of my friends who used to work for homeopathic doctor about the soap I use to clean the babies bottles and don’t even get her started on the fact that I use bleach. So I started to take things into consideration and reevaluate my daily routine’s and everything that I was bringing to my household.

So with that in the back of my mind, I had already been researching the most effective ways to become more natural. However, the issue that sealed the deal was my daughter. From the day we brought her home she was a terror; and I do not mean that joking she was miserable, uncomfortable, and cried all day and all night. I had no idea what to do. She seemed like she was always in pain so uncomfortable. My son who is five years older than her was so calm and laid-back and just happy. We never had any issues with him not even with teething. At two weeks old we rushed my daughter to the hospital because she was having a hard time breathing. After days of tests and no sleep I finally demand at the doctor put her on reflux medication. From that day forward we never had an issue with the reflux and her not breathing. Although there were times when her reflux was worse (especially when she cold a cold) we kept on giving her the medication. I couldn’t help but feel guilty or bad because she’s been on the medication ever since. I was constantly thinking to myself that this is not good for her insides and what damage it might be doing. Now keeping  in mind that I have an older son who is in school, who constantly sucks his fingers. So, during the school year he always has a runny nose or cough. The first time he came home with a runny nose and got his sister sick it through our world upside down. Here we were trying to get the baby off the reflux medication and all of a sudden we found ourselves back at the hospital. She was having a hard time breathing and it seemed as though it was due to the cold she caught from her brother. All the doctors wanted to put her on all this medication Tylenol for this cough medicine for that Vicks vapor rub for this. But in my heart I knew that all the stuff was just poisons we were putting in her body. I mean I wanted relief for her but I felt so horrible constantly feeding her medications.
Over the summer my daughter spiked 105 fever which yet again landed us in the hospital. I was scared to death that there was something wrong because I’ve never seen that high of a temperature on anybody before. The doctor said just to keep her on Advil every few hours to keep the fever down but that her body would have to fight off whatever it was. The fever lasted three days then went away. But two days later it came back for another four days. At this point I was done. I started doing research trying to find homeopathic and holistic ways that I can treat my kids for ailments. And this is when I came across Young Living in their essential oils. I found Thieves oil! By the time I got it her fever was done with. However, I was determined not to have to deal with this again. So, when my son is in school I put a drop on his feet at bedtime and before we put shoes on to go to school. To my surprise his snotty, boogery nose was all cleared up within a day! I will diffuse Thieves in the house and rooms if someones not feeling well to kill the airborne germs. This is a miracle in a bottle!

I started using lavender is essential oils and eucalyptus essential oil’s years ago specifically for my anxiety. But I soon learned that not all oils are created equally. Did you know that the FDA does not regulate labeling on a essential oils? I could write a book about this but (you might want to google it for more info), so I will just tell you that Young Living harvest’s and grows their own essential oils. So, basically what that means is most oils can claim that they are therapeutic bland or 100% but they are not. Young livings founder and owner, Gary Young has invested so much into making sure that his product is absolutely 100% natural and top grade. As I stated before Young Living owns their own farms in distilleries so everything is closely monitored and produced. So it is safe to say that not all oils are what they say they are.

I love essential oils! So much that I might be borderline addicted to them (do they have a six step program for this?) Young Livings essential oils have transformed my world and my family. We use them for everything! And I do not joke when I say there is an oil for everything. Not only are the oils beneficial healthwise but they have saved us a lot of money in regards to trips to the doctor, medicines, and household cleaning products.

Here is a small list of what use essential oils for for:
~Supporting our immune systems with Thieves Oil (whether it’s topical, ingested, or diffued… I even put it on my air filters)
~ Beauty… I use many oils for acne and revitalization. No Botox needed!
~Lemon Essentials are great to cook with but I drink a glass of water with a couple drops every morning to help gut and PH balance.
~ Peace and Calming is something I use everyday after school when doing homework. It helps with the arguing from my 6 year old.
~ Ningxia Red is a high antioxidant juice derived from different berries… We take a shot of this every morning during cold and flu season to help support the immune system. No flu shots needed for us this year or any year!
~Lavender and Peppermint together may provide balance for my allergies.
~Stress Away is a must! I have this in the roller and I roll it on the back of my neck daily when I start to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. It helps calm and center me.
~ I diffuse lavender nightly in the kids rooms to help promote healthy sleeping and calmness.
~ I just recently purchased my new car portable diffuser that does not spell and I will be diffusing plenty of calming oils while I drive.
~ Mosquitoes are a pain in the butt down here in South Florida… Tea Tree oil or Purification may help and even stop the itch.
~Thieves household cleaner is something I use for everything. Like I said I might have been a previous convicted bleach freak. However I’ve now switched over to the thieves household cleaner for everything from countertops to my floors to bathrooms to windows.
~ Joy is something I wear daily as a perfume it has light floral sense that makes me feel uplifted and more positive.

The list is goes on but those are just a few ways on how we use our Young living essential oils.

How can you change your life with essential oils? Well I’m glad you asked. Joining the Young Living family has simply change my life for the best. You don’t have to sign a contract or pay a fee for a membership; but you can sign up retail or wholesale… Kind of like Costco or Sams Club. I highly recommend starting off signing up for a wholesale account you reap the benefits of savings with no obligation. Once you’re signed up I recommend purchasing the premium starter kit. It comes with an assortment of samples and an even bigger assortment of essential oils, home diffuser, Ningxia Red samples, and literature. The cost of the premium starter kit is only $150.00, you save hundreds if you were to purchase all of these individually.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I hope in some way I have helped you. If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to email me at


Happy Oiling y’all!