There is such a bad stigma with MLM (Multi-level Marketing) companies or “Pyramid Scheme” business’. And to be honest for good reason. We all know someone (more than likely that obnoxious Uncle) that has been involved with one. I know I have, and to be honest I have been suckered into one. Yet again… GUILTY! When my husband and I were younger and didn’t have a pot to piss in a family member came up to us preaching the gospel on this “new business venture” he was in. Yes, it was a pyramid scheme. We had to invest $500 to be a part of this “exclusive” shopping network. The sales pitch “well you shop from these places anyway why not do it through this and get benefits from it?” To be honest I never saw any benefits nor did I even understand the bullshit he was spitting at us. But, we felt obligated to support him because he was family after all.

I am so repulsed by sales people. I will not go car shopping. I hate even going to the Bahamas because the street people hound you. So you can imagine my deep despise for MLM companies. Anyone “Sales-like” rubbed me the wrong way. I view people like that as weak, desperate, and hungry for something that isn’t authentic. That is and always has been the energy I get. So you could imagine my hesitation when it came to even purchasing Young Living products.

To be honest it took me a good 4-5 weeks to commit to Young Living because it was a MLM company; and quite frankly it pissed me off. However, I was so desperate for relief for myself and my daughter that I said to myself “Screw it! Just get what I need and get the eff out… it probably wont work anyway.” That was my intention. I never intended on doing the business end of Young Living let alone loving the products so much that I was basically addicted to them.

I bought the product under so many preconceived notions and opinions. Inherently pissed off that it was a MLM company, and cautiously curious about the “catch”. When I couldn’t find the “fine print” or “catch” I just dove in. Once I received the product I started to do research on how to use the oils. I realized there was no catch. I didn’t need to make a minimum order every month… shit I never had to ever re-order again if I didn’t want to. And I didnt have to sell this stuff. I could simply use my oils in peace.

Oh but peaceful I was not! I was obsessed, and rightfully so because I was seeing so many amazing results with so many different things in my life. So, like the average person I went onto my social media to brag at how cool I was and how amazing this product was. Not thinking anything of it. Low and behold because of my awesome bragging and annoying 10 posts a day about this miracle in a bottle. I had people asking me questions. And from there on out it was history. Young Living isn’t a sales like company. They are not pushy (probably because they know how awesome their shit is). They are so incredibly genuine and that has worked in their favor. So now I am the voo-doo witch doctor oily lady… and I am totally fine with that.

I am a tried and true product of this company and continue to consistently and habitually use the products. I don’t just use the oils, I use everything from the animal line, to the soaps, shampoos, household cleaners, make up, supplements, baby products and more. I do not do it because I get paid. I do it because I have seen my family become healthy. I have seen my family get rid of the chemicals that were causing respiratory distress. Chemicals that were damaging my body and handicapping our immune systems. I will continue to hold my head high, even if that means being judge for being a part of a “Network Marketing” company because it has literally saved my life. And all I did was just share what this life changing company has for me.



And P.S.- if you are one of those people like me (or how I was) that get totally all worked up and even angered and put off by people who sell a product or endorse something like a MLM I want you to take a step back and think. Think about how great it is that someone is so passionate about what they do. That you have the potential to support them directly, and the chance to bless them and their family. It is literally taking the middle man, the advertising and junk out and you are putting food on that persons table.

Now with that said, there is a huge toxic thing going on in the industry where people are spamming others or sliding into their DM’s and that’s totally not cool. When you friend someone with the intention just to make a sale people feel that. You can smell shit from a mile away, you can dress it up, smack come lipstick on it but it’s still shit. DESPERATION IS SHIT and it smells bad. So if you are in a MLM be real, be true, and just share. Those who are interested will come to you. But yall have to stop soliciting people it’s so uncool.