Y’all I had 4K worth of highend designer makeup that I threw out!!! I didn’t realize that the chemicals in makeup were adding up to the toxic overload in my body!

The lipstick I was wearing was nothing short of the paint I waisted my walls with… so why was I putting that on my mouth to ingest?

The eyeliner i was wearing was getting into my eyes!!!! Into my tear ducts!!! No wonder why I had astigmatisms at age 23 and had to have lasik almost 1 year ago.

Y’all- the facts are the facts. Toxins are not made to be in our products… but they are! Did you know toluene is found in cosmetics and it’s a known neurotoxin!!!!

I don’t know about you but that’s not cool, and I want my skin looking as young as possible for as long as possible. With chemically filled makeup that won’t happen.

There are other companies out there that will say they are natural makeup. The intention for “better beauty” is awesome, but it’s only as good as the efforts. If you look at the ingredients on the better options they will say SYNTHETIC, DYE, PRESERVATIVES. How is that natural or “better”? It’s not… it’s false advertising for you to buy into a gimmick.

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