So forgive the snapshot photo, but I was too hungry to take time to take a picture of the rice by itself. I literally inhaled my dinner last night. This side is so easy and yummy to make. Like I have said before its mind over matter, but when your mind is too stubborn its about trickery!!! 🙂 Enjoy!!!
1. A head of Cauliflower… or desired amount you want to eat (in my case a handful of florets because my hubby will not eat vegetables…yea we will save that drama for another day)
2. 1 TSP Ghee or fat
3. Salt & Pepper to tase
1. Wash and dry cauliflower
2. Place cauliflower in microwave for about 7 min. I did 4 because I only had a handful of florets. I place the damp paper towel I used to dry off the cauliflower over the bowl. 
**You do not need to add water to cauliflower as it retains water anyway*
3. Test cauliflower with fork to see if it tender and easily breaking apart.
**If if is not done pop that sucker back in**
4. Place cauliflower in food processor and pulse until it shreds to look like rice.
**Do not over process*
5. Heat medium size pan on med/high heat.
6. Melt Ghee in pan
7. Once Ghee is heated add rice cauliflower… toss well in pan so its coated with ghee
8. Meanwhile if you want you can chop up some fresh herbs, I did some Cilantro and Lime in mine 🙂
9. Cook cauliflower until it starts to brown a bit. Add sat and pepper to taste… heck throw in some garlic if your feeling frisky.
10. Dish this scrumptious stuff out and add herbs and voila!